We’re not done YET! 2 More Matches!

Some Huge Announcements have been made recently. Let’s recap what we know

Most folks would see this as a top show. This is XCW Wrestling though!! We like to fight and no two people bring a better fight than the Hebrew Hitman Dave the Rave and Drunk Adam! XCW Wrestling Fans will remember these two battle it out through 7 Stages of Violence, Battlebox, and countless others. It was only proper for them to come to Family Reunion.


But wait….

Talk about some of the backs this show was built on! The Walking Horror Movie Hugh Rogue, The Hardcore Kingpin Scott Phoenix, and The First Lady of XCW Wrestling Lady Draven all Ironman Champion. Lady Draven was the first woman to hold the Ironman champ and in the early to mid 2000 was the only woman to hold a title in DFW outside of a womans title.

There’s more….

The office passed down one more matchup! Like the Jerome Daniels and Tyler Bateman this match will span the full era of XCW Wrestling. D-Money and the Doom Thug Empire helped lay the foundation of what would become XCW Wrestling. While Sebation Envi is one of the last students to come out of the XCW Wrestling Institute. This has history written all over it.



All of this for a good cause! We still have two days left before the show. Ringside tickets have already sold out but you can still get General Admission. Grab them while you can! Be sure to visit our sponsors and thank them for supporting The Koan School and XCW Wrestling.

A Monster answers the Call and Warns Action Jackson

Lance Romance wasn’t kidding when he said he was getting a MONSTER! He got the 7ft American Psycho Lance Archer from G1, TNA, WWE and a Playaz Club orgininal to anwer the call. Friday Night Sept 13th 2019 at XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion The Texas Legend Action Jackson faces The American Psycho Lance Archer. The Bull of the Woods title might not be on the card anymore but the match ups just got bigger, 7ft legendary bigger!


Bull of the Woods, Lance Romance confronts Nite, Action Jackson

The big news from The Playaz Club has come to light. Lance Romance confronted Nite last night at the XCW Wrestling Institute and expressed his disapproval. Lance made it clear that the Bull of the Woods title is his title. He told Nite that on Friday last week he dished out a little punishment to the young Chandler Hopkins for going behind his back and taking the match. Lance informed Nite that the match wasn’t happening! He sent Gino out of town and Chandler to the Good Brothers Dojo. It appears that Nite had a backup plan. After getting word that Lance had some big announcement concerning the Bull of the Woods title, he called in an old friend and a huge rival of the Playaz club dating back to his birth in wrestling. He contacted none other than the Texas Legend Action Jackson. Fans will remember AJ from the Sportatorium days as well as his time in XCW Wrestling. Nite made it clear that Lance Romance was to find a competitor by TODAY or Ricky Starks could lose his shot at the XCW Championship. Lance said he was calling in a Monster. We should hear today who this monster will be!

Can’t do it without you

It’s an exciting time being under a week away from the XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion. We have reached out to local businesses to come on board, and sponsor Family Reunion. Every day more are signing up. These sponsors are more than just logos or names mentioned during the show. They are partnering with us for a great local cause. We can’t thank them enough. We’ve raised roughly $500 so far and more to come.

Thank you. We couldn’t do it without you!

We are one week away from the most TEXTREME night in XCW Wrestling history!

In just one week your wait is finally over. The months of anticipation will be an afterthought, as XCW returns with a night you will never forget! The venue, while new to XCW Wrestling, is special as it sits equal distance between the former Denton, TX homes of XCW on E. McKinney Street and Fort Worth Drive respectively.

The venue is booked, the matches are set, and the only thing missing is you…. the XCW fans. If you ever attended an XCW show you know that special feeling when the XCW music hits and fans start taking their seats. So, get ready for a night you will never forget. You will see wrestlers you know and love from XCW’s past 17 years, wrestlers new to XCW that are putting their mark on the wrestling world, and several surprises I am sure! So, tell your friends, tell your family, post on social media, and let’s pack the house XCW style one more time as we have the most TEXTREME family reunion you have ever been a part of!

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See you all Friday night, September 13th at the Denton Civic Center!

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Rumors are stirring around Family Reunion

We have gotten word that Lance Romance and The Playaz Club have a big announcement concerning XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion. Lance has requested a meeting with XCW Wrestling CEO Nite Davis for this week. We will be listening to find out what the announcement will be.

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Jazz & Rodney Mac Accept !!

Jazz and Rodney Mac, now known as the Perfect Enemy have made it clear that at XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion they are going to make a statement. It’s not just accepting the match but they intend to take over. XCW Wrestling fans may remember this power couple as big fan favorites fighting for the cause. Over the last several years both have turned to a more dark version of themselves. A more cynical version if you will. They have made it clear to the office that challenges like Miranda Gordy made calling out Jazz will not be taken lightly. They plan to bring both Bobby Lambert and the Freebird Miranda Gordy a night of pure misery and they don’t plan to stop there. Both former WWE and ECW superstars, Jazz is a multi-time World Women’s Champion as well as the longest-reigning NWA Women’s Champion. Rodney has earned more titles across the country than most Wrestlers working today including XCW.

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Shocking moments in XCW Wrestling history!

Over the years XCW Wrestling had some genuinely shocking moments that set XCW aside from other wrestling companies. Today we think back to some of those moments as we eagerly anticipate the return of XCW Wrestling on Friday, September 13th at Family Reunion.

I recall stories, before my time at XCW, of a referee turned manager. D-Money, leader of the Doom Thug Empire, created such hatred from the fans that a near-riot broke out during the show and several fans were waiting after the show for him. Another story was the night Drunk Adam was set on fire by Team Extrem. He was rushed to a local emergency room after the show and treated for severe burns to his upper body. After he left the emergency room, he went straight to TJ’s Pizza on Fry St. for a beer. Speaking of fire, Action Jackson took a fireball to the face from a man wearing a dark coat. The fireball thrower would later turn out to be Todd Diamond. AJ was out of action for several weeks after being attended to by XCW staff and medical personnel. While we are on the subject of non-wrestlers getting in on the action, what about the time Lance Romance pushed XCW Owner Nite Davis off of the 4-foot high stage at the XCW Arena on Ft. Worth Drive. I also recall Bull picking him up out of his wheelchair and delivering a death valley driver to him through a wooden board covered in barbed wire. Of all these stories the on that sticks out the most for me though, was the night Hotstuff Hernandez tossing The Hardcore Kingpin Scott Phoenix over the top rope to the floor. He delivered his vicious Hot Bomb, aka Border Toss, to Phoenix launching him 15 feet to the outside of the ring. Before he hit the ground, he went through a barbed-wire covered board being held up by two steel chairs. Scott’s legs went over his head, sending his whole body to turn and causing him to land on his neck. I was in shock and waiting for an ambulance to come because I was sure as anything that Scott’s had broken his neck. After several minutes and to the amazement of fans, wrestlers, and XCW staff, Scott started moving and stirring and was actually able to get up, get back in the ring, and finish the match!

These words do not do any of these events justice. Watching them on YouTube or DVD does not do any of these events justice. The only way to experience the shocking events, memories, and surprises that made XCW Wrestling unique is to attend a show in person. Join us when XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion on Friday, September 13th at the Denton Civic Center!

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Family Reunion and The King of the Crossroads

When XCW Wrestling said it was going to make Family Reunion one of the biggest shows in DFW, WE meant IT!

The XCW Wrestling ring has had some of the biggest stars in the business step through its ropes. We could name guys like Axel Rotten, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Three Minute Warning Rosie, Manny Fernadez, Ted Dibiase, and Terry Funk. All of these legends of wrestling came to XCW Wrestling with their passion and knowledge and their names. We were honored to have been a stage for these great men. But XCW Wrestling wasn’t just a place where big names came. It was also a place where the names of tomorrow would begin to break their laces in. It was a place where young talent could be seen or groomed by bigger names and veteran workers. The King of the Crossroads was one of these young men, and today is one of the most sought after talents in the nation.

Tyler Bateman started his traveling back in the early 2000s and quickly found his way to the XCW Wrestling Arena. There he found a stage and a group of veterans that would coach and encourage his talents. It gave him a foundation for working the road. Back then, Tyler was a young man with a huge smile and a wave to the crowd. But all has changed, and the man he has become is internationally known. He’s worked with some of the top men and women in this wrestling business all around the world. On September 13th, 2019 Tyler Bateman comes home to XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion at the Denton Civic Center.

[videopress gqX3J6WE loop=”true” autoplay=”true”]

Tyler is as “old school” as they come not only with his Roots in XCW Wrestling but also in his fighting. He’s found a dark side that will be hard to tame. The XCW Wrestling Office has considered many options, but there is one man that like Tyler has changed and brings a dark side of his own. Jerome Daniels, better known in XCW Wrestling as the Flawless one. He was an influential member of the Big Time Players. He is a multi-time champion in XCW Wrestling. Although his intention was never to be loved in XCW Wrestling, he quickly became part of the XCW Wrestling family. He brought a confident attitude that made you love him even though you didn’t want to. Jerome Daniels, like Tyler, found another side of himself. He’s not only wrestling all over the nation he booked for tours in other countries, but wresting isn’t the only sport in his current life. Jerome picked up Jujitsu and Muy Thai Kickboxing as a hobby. Due to his competitiveness, he quickly climbed the ranks in both sports. When he’s not wrestling, he’s fighting in a ring winning tournaments all over the country.

At Family Reunion, New School meets Old School when The Flawless One Jerome Daniels will step into the squared circle against The King of the Crossroads Tyler Bateman. The Stage is set! You can bet that forearms and elbows will be traded like $2 stocks, by the plentiful!

Tickets are on sale now at